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Hello and a warm welcome to you.

Thanks for visiting our site. The site has been specifically packaged for all those who are in higher education with a desire to improve their teaching and learning practices.

The following persons will find the use of the site invaluable:

  • Professors/Lecturers/Instructors/Tutors/Teachers (regardless of discipline or area of specialisation), who are involved in teaching in the higher education sub-sector- including universities, technikons, polytechnics, colleges of education and other post-secondary institutions awarding advanced degrees.
  • Heads/Chairs of Departments, Deans of Faculties, Provosts of Schools/Colleges, Principals/Rectors/Vice-Chancellors.
  • Students in higher educational institutions.

From the series of field trials of the book on which the site is based ("Guide to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education"), we found that the site is A MUST for the following:

Staff of higher educational institutions with a desire to have greater understanding of:

  • the higher educational learner
  • the higher education teacher
  • curriculum development in higher education
  • methods of teaching
  • use of new technologies in teaching and learning
  • teaching of large classes
  • guidance and counselling in higher education
  • use of distance and open learning methodologies
  • empowering women in higher education
  • empowering students with special needs
  • evaluation in higher education.

Centres/Institutes with responsibility for training higher education teachers in the art/science of pedagogy.

Persons organising training workshops for staff in higher educational institutions on how to improve teaching and learning.

We dare say that the site is a place to visit and use by all those with interest in improving the quality of higher education in their institutions, State or country. While examples have been drawn largely from Africa, the worldwide usage of the site is encouraged.

Remember, this is a guide. It does not claim to exhaustively treat the topics in the modules. Your comments and suggestions for improvement will be useful in the development of the revised version.

Pai Obanya
Juma Shabani
Peter Okebukola